Quenshae Love

You might say Queshae Love had an on-again-off-again experience at 澳门彩开奖历史记录-Columbus.

Originally, from Minneapolis, Minn., Love received a basketball scholarship to play for the Raiders and went on to earn All-NCCAC honors as freshman and sophomore and All-Region IX as a sophomore. She intended to continue playing basketball at a four-year school, but her plan didn鈥檛 work out. It was then that Love decided to return to the Columbus Campus and focus on completing her academic requirements.

Love鈥檚 favorite course was biology. In particular, she admired her biology instructor, Dr. Lauren Gillespie.

鈥淪he is such a great teacher,鈥 said Love. 鈥淵ou can go to her about anything. It doesn鈥檛 even have to be about biology. You can go out of class time and just hang out with her.鈥

Love said her favorite thing about 澳门彩开奖历史记录 was 鈥渢he mentors, the counselors, the deans and the people that are here to help.鈥

Love graduated from 澳门彩开奖历史记录 in December 2019 and transferred to Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Fla., where she is pursuing a degree in social work.

When asked what memories she will take from 澳门彩开奖历史记录, Love said all of them, even some of the disappointments related to basketball.

鈥淓verything was a lesson that I learned from,鈥 said Love.